Monday, March 1, 2010

Cleaning House

As I posted yesterday, I got up the courage and found the clarity to put in my request for a Lucky Break.

I just went to read that blog that I am quickly falling in love with, and found a wonderful post about moon magic.

It inspired me to think about this time, now, and what I can do to help myself, my life, my dreams.

I can clean. My house, my inner self, my habits, my whatever-it-is that has been keeping me stuck. Spring is on the way, and now is a ripe and good time to help myself grow, so I can blossom soon.

So I am. I started exercising, a tiny bit but at least something, a few days ago. I'll do so again today.

On Saturday, I'm going to see a friend who is training to be a hypnotherapist.

I have another friend who is training to be a personal coach, and she has invited me to work with her several times - and I've always been too busy, too overwhelmed.

And oddly judgmental, like somehow personal coaching was for a fancier life; I'm concerned with survival here, goddamnit!

But who am I to judge growth, in any form? Who am I to turn away from helping hands of any sort?

My personal growth, my spiritual life, used to be at the forefront of my existence. I attended to it on a daily basis.

Then I got married. Then I had a baby.

And I'm grateful for both of those beings in my life. But it's time to attend, once again, to my own inner house. Time to clean for no reason other than it will help me, help me feel better, clearer, stronger.

I am willing to do the work. I think. And immensely grateful for at least a little chink in the armor of defiance and overwhelm I've allowed to grow around me.

Small steps. Clean house.


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