Friday, November 21, 2008

I am thankful...

I came home from work tonight, a good day of work, and this is what I found. Finn, and the picture he made at school.

"I am thankful for

my mommy and daddy."

And Kenny said, "That's what he said he was thankful for..."

and we looked at each other, in wonder. I felt dazzled. Almost giddy, but quieter.

It may just the best moment in my life, so far.

I, Maria, am thankful, for Finn. And for Kenny. For the unimaginably precious gift of a family.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.


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  1. What awesome innocence and perception of a child...thanks for sharing this. Have a great Thanksgiving with your family together!

  2. Maria,

    Finding this blog is a long and complicated story. But it's good to hear of your life and to see your beautiful son. Congratulations. How you have been thriving since that our year together in Meisner so long ago! I am back in Seattle after 6.5 years in Minnesota with a husband and 2 children, 4.5 and 18 mos. Feel free to email me at and send your email.

    Jennifer (Huntsman) Kim

  3. How sweet! He's already got it all right at that age and it's thanks to his wonderful parents :) Can't wait to see you soon!