Monday, November 10, 2008

44th Birthday, 44th President...

I haven't posted in so long - for good reasons, happily.

Good family times, with Finn and I hitting our stride and not too many breakdowns, and then Kenny home on October 30.

A good Halloween, Finn happy about his costume!! The most delightful little Witch ever, with neighborhood trick-or-treating and lots of loot.

And the best day of all, November 4 - with a new President Elect, bringing new hope and such joy. I wept and jumped up and down, watching the TV, and Finn fell asleep on the couch to Barack Obama's acceptance speech. He refused to go to bed, very out of character for him - he knew something BIG was happening, he could feel it in Kenny and me. And now, he gazes at the TV, saying, "I need see Barack Obama..."

And another good day, November 8 - Lights Up! at Playwrights Project; a job well done by all, a joyful, successful special event. Deborah was happy, people were moved and thrilled - and ladies who impress me, ladies who are not easily impressed themselves, were extremely pleased. One said it was a Magnificent night. And one looked at me and said, "You are a producer, aren't you?" with just a tiny bit of awe.

And I'd like to take all the credit, but I don't deserve it all. I deserve some, and that feels good. A job well done - a profoundly satifisfying feeling.

And today, my 44th birthday. Finn serenades me right now with Old MacDonald, sung by a toy long forgotten, who was recently resurrected and reassigned favored status. A lunch at work, with balloons and my favorite meatball sub and chocolate mousse pie, all provided by my co-workers. I was planning to take the day off, but a debriefing meeting was in order and happily combined with a birthday lunch.

And a walk on the beach; a quick walk, but good enough.

And dinner picked up by Kenny, grilled chicken and rice and beans and salad. And birthday wishes a'plenty from friends and family and Facebook pals.

I am grateful. I feel hopeful.

And Old MacDonald has a tractor, and on his tractor he has a duck, and on his tractor he has a cow, and on his tractor he has a pig. Ee Ei Ee Ei Oh.

Life is good.


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  1. Maria, I'm so glad I checked your blog before the day ended here in blustery MO.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! ... can you hear me singing? Did you have lighted candles in your chocolate mousse to blow out? Many, many more happy days and years to you.

    Congrats on a super-duper Lights Up! Hugs to you!

  2. Yahoo - Happy, Happy Birthday, Maria! I was beginning to worry when you hadn't written for awhile. Good to hear that things are going just fine with Kenny home, Finn happy and a successful work project.