Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gratitude and Good Cheer

If you write it, it will be.

This is my hypothesis, and my hope.

I am cheerful today. I am productive. I work. I work efficiently, productively, and cheerfully.

I am a good Mom today. I love my son, actively. I listen to all his questions, and I answer. I enjoy my time with him.

I love my husband today. I listen to all his meanderings. I enjoy my time with him.

I suddenly flash on that scene from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, where Harry has to write Lying is Bad or something and it shows up on his hand all bloody.

That's what I love about imagination. It can't be tamed.

I do hope my hypothesis proves true. I do hope for good cheer and productivity and enjoyment.

I guess what I'll actively try to do today is appreciate.

I'll take "gratitude" as my cue. If I can appreciate my life, and be grateful for all the colors in it, I suspect it will be a good day.

And I still might go on Retreat. But today, since I can't, maybe I'll just act like I am -

I'll walk in gratitude, slowly.


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