Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year, A Bowl Full of Cherries

In 2009, my life will be like a bowl full of cherries!
Fresh and juicy, beautiful, succulent, sweet and tart, healthy, natural, nutritious and satisfying.
I will not be a singular fruit, but live in a lovely bowl with others and grow on a tree community filled with sweet beings like me.

This Is My Truth - It Will Be!
May You Make Manifest Your Dreams, Too!

How I Will Create This Reality ~

I will get all the nutrients I need: plenty of water and sun and clean air and love and care.

I will eat health-full, nourishing food.

I will move joyfully and thoroughly use and enjoy and revel in my body ~ I will grow strong and lean again, and still retain my juicy sweetness.

I will find and do work I truly enjoy. I will WRITE. I will ACT. I will be INSPIRED and I will INSPIRE others.

I will surprise myself.

I will live in happy, joyous and free sobriety.

I will love my husband and talk to him joyfully, I will enjoy his company and spend time with him alone.

I will play and teach and learn from and revel in Finn.

I will be clear and sane with money.

I will lean into my higher power and rejuvenate my spiritual life;

I will ask for help and open my arms to receive it.

I will place
my self-care
my well-being
my sobriety and my health
Center Stage
I will return to myself, nurture myself, and be the very best Me I can Be.
And in so doing, love the world, contribute as only I can, be of service as only I can.
I breathe this truth and set it in motion ~ it will be.
I love you all, and send you warm wishes of light and love and peace for the New Year of 2009. If you are reading this, Blessings light upon You.


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1 comment:

  1. Hi Maria,
    What an inspirational post!
    I found your blog on the Elling Family Blog.
    Wishing you a happy new year!