Sunday, May 15, 2011

back to work...

I haven't been here in a while. A long while.

But even though it looks like February outside at the moment, spring seems to be working its way into my mind. And my energy.

I saw two shows yesterday - the first with Finn: the Sichuan Opera, presenting Monkey King & the Flaming Mountain, at the last Giant Magnet. Acrobatic wonders, face-changing (which was AMAZING) - just extraordinary performers. Their very fingers were eloquent - they had so much control over their bodies, it was unbelievable.

Second show: Patton Oswalt at the Moore, 9:30 show, with Kenny. Kenny! My husband - OUT of the house, not only at night - for a 9:30 show. Crazy. For anyone who knows me (and really, who else would be reading this) - this is insane. It was like we'd been magically transported to 2003, pre-parenthood, pre-pregnancy - wow.

And the show was awesome. Just awesome - I have not laughed so hard in years, I don't think. Another masterful performer - he was perfect. And he made it look so easy.

And everyone at the Moore was so damn nice! I met a great lady at the door, while Kenny was parking - I told her I'd won our tickets by re-tweeting something and she pulled out an iPod touch and started following me and we talked and talked. The guy at the snack bar made us wait for popcorn until the new stuff was popped, so it would be good and not old and stale - and I watched him give another woman the old, stale stuff. And then we saw Teddy. My old friend, house manager of STG. Looking and sounding wonderful, just the same as ever. All this before the show!

The Moore.

If all goes well, I might get to be on that stage come August - See Me Naked, during the WAA Conference.

Please, gods and goddesses - I really really really want to do that.


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  1. Hey, that's me! The lady at the door who followed you on Twitter! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time, and that you got to see Ted, who is just such a terrific guy. I'm not surprised you got special popcorn treatment - you are wonderfully charming & genuine. The guys at concessions are delighted (and sometimes surprised, heh) to get polite, classy, happy customers! I enjoyed meeting you & I hope to see you again, sometime.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for August :)

  2. What good news, Maria! I hope August and your creative show come together for you! BTW, love your header photo. :) His face is adorable, and so is his back-side.