Monday, January 10, 2011

A big smile and two big ears - that seems to be me.

I got to write this weekend, for 14/48. What a gift - to write, to have the impetus of a deadline, to remember how to flex those muscles. And 2011 will hold See Me Naked, and by golly I'm gonna write more.

I'd like to write now, but it's 7:33pm, and my husband is talking to me, and my son is talking to me, and I love them both - and I guess I could just transcribe what they're saying because I certainly cannot hear myself think.

Sometimes they talk and talk and talk to me, they can see me typing, but it's like the laptop doesn't exist for them. Sometimes I think I just appear to be one gigantic ear. Two gigantic ears, ready to listen to them forever. Maybe I'm smiling in their imagination - a big smile and two big ears. That's me, that's the mom and the wife.

I need my own goddamn house.

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