Friday, April 3, 2009

Ask, and You Shall Receive

A bit of good news - a national funder saw fit to fund the Summer Arts Program I used to run here in Seattle, and it looks like I will get to run it. I will have paid work for the summer, doing something I know how to do (and do very well).

Thank You.

And I had a terrific Career Gals gathering last night, eating and talking with three wonderful women about life and work and how to balance it all.

And the sun is out in Seattle, praise be! A garden waits to be planted and a boy waits to play. So enough with this typing / computer business, I have to get outside! And grow my garden.

Ask - what do I want?

Growth. Prosperity. Abundance. Peace.

Specifically (it's very good to ask for specifics):

  • A meeting with my cohort and forward movement on my plan to get onto Oprah's couch
  • Contracts for $10,000 minimum for the summer
  • Insurance for my husband, so he can get his new hip(s)
  • At least one well-paid engagement to do SMN performance and TN workshop before the end of 2009
  • Assistance from the universe - a coach, a cheerleader, an assistant, an agent or editor or manager who believes in me and helps me grow and shine!

I am hereby Open for receiving...


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