Wednesday, October 8, 2008

School pictures, Grandma pictures

I posted this because I love this picture, and wanted to share. What a wonderful swing, wonderful boys, and a wonderful Grandma & Mom.

Finn looks a little funny, sure.

He took his first school picture today. The teacher's aide reported to Kenny that he cried, and basically freaked out. They had, somewhat unwisely in my opinion, staged the school pictures in the same room where they tested kids' hearing - basically, the room where no counting or music or art or anything fun takes place - the room where adults lie in wait to do scary things to unsuspecting 4 year olds.

So Finn cried. He calmed down while he watched the other kids have their pictures taken, but it's unclear whether he was actually photographed, or what those photos will look like.

This, in a nutshell, is why I hate being a full-time working mother. I wanted to be there. I wanted to get the story first-hand, and I wanted it to be a happy story! Although that is unfair to Kenny, I realize.

Finn and I even practiced for his pictures. He showed me all his faces - surprised, mad, sad, grumpy, and happy. We agreed happy would be great for the picture.

So I don't really care what the school picture looks like. You all might have to deal with it when it's on your fridge, but I know what the real picture looks like - a happy, close-mouthed grin with shining bright eyes looking right into mine, on the most beautiful boy in the world.


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  1. Hi, Maria--So precious! And I hope you'll be happily surprised with a smiling Finn in his school foto. If not, put one of the fotos you took of happy Finn into his school memory book. Remember, if Mama is happy, everybody is happy. Do NOT allow guilt to creep into your life; it's negative energy. For what it's worth from your cuzzin who's been there! Love ya, Jane :-D

  2. Thanks, Jane! I love seeing your smiling face next to your comments - hope all is well with you.