Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I prefer Franklin Delano Roosevelt...

and I keep waiting for Barack Obama to join me.

I want him to Stand Up and Say: "I myself look to the other, younger Roosevelt for inspiration - the one who led his country out of a Great Depression, by creating visionary programs that put Americans to work, building our nation's dams and highways and making art and teaching schools, the one who believed in the notion that we should take take of each other and brought that notion to life with the radical idea of Social Security, the one whose wife was one of the best friends to the citizens of this country the United States has ever seen, the President Roosevelt whose intelligent leadership brought our country to victory in a World War, the one who did not worry himself with colloquialisms about sticks and soft voices, but who called out to a nation to banish fear and look to the future."

Obama speech-writers, please take heed - give us a little soaring, inspirational joy. It's time. If I have to listen to that crotchety old man say "my hero Teddy Roosevelt" one more time I might scream.


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