Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Okay. Okay. I'll try to be happy for a moment or two.

I am in distinct danger of becoming obsessed with the coming election. I want to be obsessed in a GOOD and positive way - taking action, calling folks, talking to people and campaigning joyfully for Obama/Biden.

But I'm not exactly doing that. I'm trying - but when I am honest with myself I'm spending more time searching the Internet for horrible, horrible things about S. Palin. It's not hard to find them. I just like to search, and then read them, with a growing sense of doom and disgust, wearing my most appalled face. I can actually feel it as I write, that tightening of my diaphragm and curling of my lip.

It is very visceral.

And maybe just a little bit habit-forming.

I wonder if perhaps, just perhaps, I could think about something else for a while...

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