Monday, September 8, 2008

McFailin', McPain, Mc I Cannot Allow These Two People In The White House

"Citizen Maria, awake!!

What are you gonna do, to make sure Barack Obama and Joe Biden get elected in November?"

asks my civic conscience, which is still cringing a bit at the fact that I did not write a single letter of protest when Bush/Cheney stole the White House right out from under us via crooked dirty tricks in Florida oh-so-many years ago.

My answer: I'm posting whatever I can find on Facebook and sending on to all I think will read it. I wrote my check to Obama and will write more as soon as I can. And I'm signing up to volunteer, and I'm emailing everyone I can think of --

including the Obama/Biden campaign. Those emails request that they stop being nice and start fighting HARD against the lying, scheming, grotesque Republican machine. They say -

Hey! Why did MSNBC pull Olbermann and Matthews off the air? And what are you going to do about it? I sure as hell hope you are going to TALK about it, LOUDLY, and cry fowl!!!!

We can't be nice. Respectful, yes - but not nice, not in any way whatsoever.

I don't give a shit about John McCain's time in Vietnam, not compared to the disastrous time millions of Americans now face if he becomes President.

And as for her - don't get me started. I might never stop.

So, please, join me - volunteer, give, write, call, and VOTE. And get everyone you meet to VOTE. We have to save our country.

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