Friday, August 6, 2010

Acting, Emily - it's all about the Hair

Finn: what's that mask?

Me: What mask?

Finn: that thing, on your head!

Me: the braid? Finn: yeah.

Me: that's a braid I wear, to make my hair look long.

Finn: and that makes you turn into Emily Dickinson!

Me: Yes. Yes it does.

And therein, friends, lies the secret of all acting. It's all about the hair. Trust me. It is.

thanks to Emily Kight for putting it on my head every night, and to Mohini (aka MangoPowerGirl) for making me look so lovely in these pics.

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  2. LOL Finn :)

    nice banner...that's my fave :) the dreamiest!

  3. Oooh - so excited that I found you fan site! as I am one of your biggest fans! Xo Meg