Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Emily, Emily, Wherefore Art Thou Emily?

I have to go learn some lines. Because I am in a play. A big play. For the first time in many, many years...

and sometimes I loathe it. Sometimes I want nothing more than to stay at home on my couch, preferably under a big warm blanket, and hide away... sometimes I want a life wrapped right up in nice soft cotton wool, where edge don't exist and it's just-right warm and muscles don't ache even when not active, where everything and me just drift and drift...

I think opium does that. I don't know. That's just what I've heard. I think it's much less appealing, that drift, from the outside point of view.

What is it about challenge that makes retreat so appealing?

I do not stay on the couch.

I push off, eat food, shower or bathe, brush teeth, drive the car to rehearsal - and usually, while there, I have a very good time.

Emily. Would she have hidden away from the world today?

Would she have been on Facebook?

Have hundreds of friends?

Why does he give so much away, the playwright? Why tell all the secrets of this most private and secretive woman? Why did he do that?

Perhaps he got them all wrong.

What do You know about Emily Dickinson? Tell me. Please.

Oh, and come see my play, if you would. January 22 through February 6. I expect by then I shall be The Belle of Amherst...

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  1. Maria, our book club just discussed Afternoons with Emily, a novel about a young girl who spends many an afternoon with Emily Dickinson. Although fiction, the author studied dear Emily and her work in depth. It is a good read,although from it, the reader begins to see Emily as quite manipulative with her "friends" (few as they are), definitely self-centered, eccentric, and not very likeable much of the time! Read The Belle of Amherst long ago and I know you will do a fine job in Emily's portrayal...many, many lines to learn!

  2. I always thought of Emily D as a recluse. Some of her writing is on the dark side too, isn't it? I know you'll do a fantastic job in the production. Will it be recorded to a DVD so we long-distance friends/relatives can "see you"? Hope so! "Break a leg!"