Saturday, October 10, 2009

A letter to President Obama regarding the Nobel Peace Prize

I just sent this letter. I decided to post it here as well.

Dear President Obama,

First of all, congratulations on this honor. I continue to be proud for supporting you and working for you and contributing to you.

I know little of the details of the overwhelming issues that you deal with on a daily basis, so I know that my opinion is just that - an opinion.

But I hope that you will consider some actions in light of receiving this Peace Prize.

I hope that you will resist the urge to send more troops to Afghanistan, and that you will bring home the troops already there (as well as those in Iraq).

I hope that you will continue to support peace here at home by insisting on a public option for health insurance.

I hope that you will hold the banks accountable for the bailout money they have received, and make sure their mistakes do not further indebt me and my son.

I hope that the joyous sense of hope we all had last November will be fulfilled in a country that is better for all of us who live here.

I do not envy you your job. I am grateful that you are leading our country. I hope that you continue to follow your conscience and not give too much of our dream away.

We are with you.


Maria Glanz


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