Thursday, May 21, 2009


My husband's truck just died. Kaput. Gone to blown-head-gasket-goodbye-engine-tow-me-home-and-shoot-me heaven. He just bought it in February, used of course, with snappy paper work that said it had a new (or rebuilt) engine put in in August 2008. Now it's dead - and his mechanic told him that the engine was just plain old. And the garage who did the work won't honor the warranty.

So, we have no truck for him and sure don't have money to buy another one.

And nothing is easy with my husband. Losing a truck - tough, but something some of us can handle. Him, not so much. Stress takes a bigger, harder toll. The whole world turns against him.

And it comes on top of ongoing stress and fear about his hip needing to be replaced, the dilemmas of what will he do for work & can he change careers, and the we-are-really-poor-it's-scary-feelings - and all that lays atop his lifelong struggles with other stuff.

And I look ahead to - what?

Being a one-car family? Trying to share the car, work on my projects, take care of Finn...

Or help my husband find another engine, get it put into the truck? Shop for a different truck? Try to convince him that people actually do buy from dealers who finance, and that might not be a terrible idea...

And Finn. What do I do about Finn and kindergarten? He got his school assignment today - not really the one we wanted. An okay one. But should he even go to kindergarten next year? or wait a year? Friends say wait, but THEIR kids are going to kindergarten (to fantastic schools, the ones they wanted). And I feel like a failure as a parent - I didn't get it together to get him into a pre-K program here, and now he faces heading into big-time school, 9am to 3pm every day, with no prep. Unless I have him wait, find a pre-K program for next year. That we'd have to pay for. And then he'd be the 6 year old in kindergarten.

And we have a big family reunion in Ohio this summer, that I feel we simply have to go to. I have to. I have to take Finn and we have to see my parents, my dad who is about to turn 87 and my mom who is 80. And all my extended family, cousins and aunts and uncles.

And my husband has already been worried about it - even though my folks offered to buy his ticket, they want him to come so badly - and now, with a dead truck, how am I ever going to convince him to go?

What should I do?

Thoughts, and prayers, welcome.


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