Friday, March 27, 2009

New Work! New Ideas! New Life!

Things feel good - energy crackling and ideas popping!

Found a cool website - - about moms and women and life, and I have some good part-time work gigs afoot, AND -

I figured out what I want to do with my life!

I love these moments! When everything becomes clear and the surge begins...

and as all good ideas, it blossomed in conversation, in a restaurant, with a friend:

My pal Leslie and me, sittin' in Geraldine's Counter, in Columbia City, catching up after a couple of years apart. Talking about life, love, work, dreams, work, questions, self-doubt, self-questioning, reveling in our narcissism - who doesn't love that girfriend time?

And I said, somewhat abashed: "I've been thinking about reviving See Me Naked... like, for womens' conferences and stuff..."

And she almost jumped out of her seat. And said, "I want to do that with you! We can add a facilitation piece, a training piece, workshops, etc..."

And the old adage - two heads are better than one - is once again ringing true.

In less than 24 hours, we have a project management website cooking (to keep us on track), we've started work on a mission / vision statement, we have a short list of powerful women to call upon for advice & support when the time is right, and we have a powerful, identifiable indicator of success:

In 18 months, we will be sitting on Oprah's couch, talking about our work.

I'll be trying to not stare at Oprah's eyelashes, and Leslie will be comfortable out on the couch instead of in the background.

I just told Kenny, my husband, our plan, and his response:

"Everyone, please welcome.... Liz Lemonnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!"
... in his spot-on impersonation of Tina Fey impersonating Oprah welcoming her character on 30 Rock.
Why not?
Why not.

Let the roadmap unfurl...

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