Monday, February 23, 2009

Poop is Funny

Some new writing, from my new piece about mom-hood:

Babies pee on you. Did you know that? Sometimes they even poop on you. Like, when you've been breast-feeding wearing nothing but a sarong and it's the first day your husband has gone back to work and you're totally alone with this baby and the postman knocks on the open screen door (which never, ever happens any other time) and you get up to try and answer it and your sarong falls off and you realize somehow you have poop on you. And you're naked, with a baby, and a postman knocking on an open door.

That's an experience from a while ago, for me. Today's experiences are more about child-created lightning (enjoying flicking the lights on & off & on & off & on & off & on & off until the dad or the mom come rushing in yelling about wasting energy) and long stories featuring the many residents of the tiny Island of Sodor. And yes, some experiences are still about poop. Poop is funny. No way around it. My son's favorite joke:

"I eat poop." Followed by:

"I eat wipes." And finishing up with:

"I eat napkins."

Funny comes in threes, he already has that down.

And you non-parents (and maybe some of you parents) would not think "I eat poop" a very funny joke, but you have not seen the shining, gleeful, devilish eyes of my son when he says it, and you have not heard the belly laughs that follow.

When you're four, poop is funny.


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  1. My UPS man at the front door story isn't quite as messy or smelly as your story, but it's good for some laughs. E and B did mommy's hair one day in pigtails, using at least 50 of their colorful plastic barrettes, and then the doorbell rang...and I jumped up, answered it, and surprised the man with my new "do." Yep, I got a photo of that "do" too. :D Wish I had gotten a photo of his face.